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  • What is a pinto?

Pintos take their name from the Spanish word “Pintado” meaning “Painted”. The Pinto was a favorite mount to the American Indian Tribes, since its broken coat patterns provided good camouflage. It also finds popularity with producers of Western Movies.

Pintos are not a breed. Pintos are the result of selective breeding to achieve a versatile riding type, with a broken coat pattern. Pintos can be any height or bloodline. Appaloosa or Palouse breeding as well as Pintoloosa's are not eligible.

Because of its varied breeding, the Pinto Horse is adaptable to many Equine activities:

# Trail and Pleasure Horses

# Showjumping and Eventing

# Dressage and Hacking

# Western Performance

# Show Ring Competition

# Rodeo and Cutting

# Gymkhana and Sporting Mounts

# Harness and Inhand Performance

Miniatures, Shetlands, Larger Ponies, and horses over 14hh are eligible for registration. Miniature Pintos compete in in-hand classes just as if they were being ridden, as well as harness events. Today's Pinto is an all purpose saddle horse of varying size and breeding distinguished by it's coat pattern which can be Tobiano, Overo, Tobero or Sabino.

Have a look at the colour pattern link for more information and examples.


1.    I am a breeder of Pinto horses, what benefits do I get with membership?

As a member & breeder, you are entitled to place your contact details and a selection of photos on our website. Additionally, the Association often receives phone and email enquiries from potential buyers looking for horses. If you so wish, you can be placed on the list which we pass on in response to such enquiries. You are also welcome to advertise the services of your pinto stallion on our stallion at stud page and you are entitled to free classifieds on our for sale page.

2.    I have a pinto I like to go to some shows with and have as a hobby what are the benefits of becoming a member?

With membership and your horses registration you can compete in the pinto section at any show and you are covered by insurance at the shows. You can also nominate to go for the annual high point award.

You can come to various clinics throughout the year that cover a variety of different disciplines and subjects.

You get a bi-monthly newsletter that keeps you up to date with what is going on.

3.    When is membership due?

Annual membership runs from the 1st of August to the 31st of July with renewal fees required on the 1st August.

4.    What is the difference between full membership and associate?

The Qld Pinto Horse Assoc. Inc. offers a number of categories of membership. Full membership caters for people who wish to register horses and to have a say in the running of the QPHA Inc., through voting. Associate is for people not owning a pinto, has no voting rights, but you will recieve the bi-monthly newsletter to keep up with things.


1.    If I don't know the breeding of my pinto can I still register it?

Pinto Mares and Geldings are accepted with unknown breeding as long as they have the correct colour requirements.

Pinto Stallions must have one registered parent (not necessarily a Pinto).

2.    What are the colour requirements for registration?

To be eligible for Registration with the QPHA Inc., a horse or pony must have the following Pinto characteristics.

• The Ideal Pinto possesses a 50/50 distribution of colour and white markings, however, acceptable patterns range from the predominantly white to the predominantly dark horse.

• The Pinto must have noticeable markings above the level of the elbow and stifle, not including the face. Jawbone markings are acceptable.

• A Pinto may be white and any other colour such as Bay, Black, Brown, Chestnut, Grey, Palomino, etc.

• Only white visible above the level of the elbow and stifle across in a straight line will be considered.

• Ponies 12hh and under – 500 sq. cms.

• Ponies over 12hh but not exceeding 14hh – 600 sq.cms.

• Horses over 14hh – 700 sq. cms.

• Belly splashes, leg and face marking are not taken into consideration.

• Eligibility for colour requirements can be assessed on photo's.


  • What events does the association put on during the year?

The QPHA Inc. runs a

- Queensland State Championship Show.

- Register of Merit Awards

- Annual High Point Awards

- Various clinics covering a variety of subjects and disciplines.

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