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****Click on our Forms link for all the forms you will need to become a

member and register your horse.****

Download the appropriate forms that you require, print and then fill them out and return to:

Q.P.H.A. Inc, 80-88 Bassett Rd, Burpengary East, Qld 4505

or email to

When emailing photos please make sure they are high resolution for printing.

If you have any problems or need them posted to you please call the

Secretary on 0417603992 (evenings) or email

You can pay your fees by direct deposit.

Bank details.

Suncorp Bank.

Qld Pinto Horse Association Inc

Bsb - 484-799

Acc No - 506035108

Please make sure your full name

is in as reference name. 


When sending in your registration papers please make sure all sections are filled out and that there are 4 photographs included that are printed standard 6x4 photo size on photo paper or they can be emailed high resolution if not for stallion registration needing vet signature on the back.

Photographs required: 2 of each side, 1 full rear and 1 full front.

Please see Photo Requirement section at bottom of this page for sample of registration photos.


To avoid duplication of horse names, members with Pinto stock are required to make applications for a name or stud prefix, which will be used before the name of any horse/s owned by them in the Pinto registry.

Once a prefix is approved by the registrar it enables the registrar to process any further applications for registration with a minimum delay. You do not have to own a stud to record a prefix.


As long as they have the correct colour requirements:

  • Pinto Mares and Geldings are accepted with unknown breeding Pinto Stallions must have one registered parent (not necessarily a Pinto).

  • QPHA Inc accept all breeds and cross breeds of horses and ponies except for if they have known ancestry of or they show characteristics of the Appaloosa or Palouse.


To be eligible for Registration with the QPHA Inc., a horse or pony must have the following Pinto characteristics.

• The Ideal Pinto possesses a 50/50 distribution of colour and white markings, however, acceptable patterns range from the predominantly white to the predominantly dark horse.

• The Pinto must have noticeable markings above the level of the elbow and stifle, not including the face. Jawbone markings are acceptable.

• A Pinto may be white and any other colour such as Bay, Black, Brown, Chestnut, Grey, Palomino, etc.

• Only colour visible from an eye height of 5ft (1.5m) at a distance of 10ft (3m) shall be considered. It must be above the level of the elbow and stifle across in a straight line will be considered. The lesser of the two colours should meet the minimum requirements of:

• Ponies 12hh and under – 500 sq. cms.

• Ponies over 12hh but not exceeding 14hh – 600 sq.cms.

• Horses over 14hh – 700 sq. cms.

• Belly splashes, leg and face marking are not taken into consideration.

• Eligibility for colour requirements can be assessed on photo's.

- A maximum of three coloured areas are to be considered in assessing the minimum colour requirements which may be the three largest present.

- No discrimination will be made against the colour of the eyes.

- Light or dark skin will only be taken into account in the case of a grey and white pinto whose markings have faded. 


With your registration you need to include 4 photographs that are emailed high resolution or printed standard 6"x4" photo size on photo paper. Photographs required: 2 of each side, 1 full rear and 1 full front.

Please make sure:

  • ALL of your horse/pony is visible in photos (no ears, legs cropped off),

  • try not to have other horses standing with your horse in the photo.

  • Horse/pony needs to be clean, doesn't have to be washed, but brushed and clean so we can easily see all markings.

  • Horse/Pony is standing straight.

Here is a sample of how you should have your horse/pony standing in photos to submit for registration.

Horse/pony can be standing square or with all 4 legs visible.

Make sure from ears to hooves visible in photo and as straight as possible.

Photos showing what NOT to submit.

- Horse not standing completely side on, head turned away,

- Handler standing in photo

- Other horses behind.

- Horse not looking straight so can't see all front of face markings.

- All of horse needs to be in photo including hooves

- Need to be straight behind, not at an angle.

- Needs to be completely side on not at an angle.

- Needs to be just of the one horse/pony being registered and closer up.

- Need to see all of horse not have anything in front of it.

Any questions please email us at


At our 2011 AGM we changed our rulebook to allow pinto Standardbreds which meet our registration requirements to be registered and shown as a pinto.

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